Welcome to Vimoutiers

Vimoutiers is located in the pays d’Auge.

Located in North West Orne County, the town of Vimoutiers is nested in a wide valley.

Vimoutiers is rich in traditions and proud of its Normandy heritage.

Downhill, runs a peaceful tiny river called ‘La Vie’ (Life).

The locals are called the ‘Vimonastériens’.

The town was built around a central area planted of a cow sculpture called Ratisfaite. This artwork is a tribute to the Normandy caw and was sculpted by Eugène le Bihan.

Monday afternoons and Friday mornings are market days, a tradition going back to the 12th century. Those days, the town brightens up to the rhythm of the market vendors.

During ‘la Foire en Avril’ (Easter Fair in April) and ‘La Foire des Pommes’ (apple fair in October) Vimoutiers is car-less and gives you the opportunity to walk around, enjoy the market atmosphere, and dream about finding undiscovered treasures among the vendors items for sale.
Ask the tourist office for dates and more information.

Strolling in Vimoutiers

If you like outdoors activities like walking or hiking, you are at the right place. You will enjoy Vimoutiers forests and hiking trails.

Vimoutiers is child friendly and you will find several activities and theme parks for them to enjoy.

The town is located 30 minutes away from Lisieux or Argentan, and one hour away from Alençon or Caen.
In Vimoutiers, you will discover the local products and different typical cheeses of the area like ‘Camembert, ‘Livarot’, as well as typical drinks like apple cider, Calvados or Pommeau (apple liquor).

Typical drinks

Marie Harel and the Camembert

Just a few miles away from Vimoutiers, Marie Harel became a local heroe as she made up the first cheese called ‘Camembert’.
Two statues were built around town as a tribute to her.

The legend says that the secret of the ‘cheese recipe’ was given to her by a French priest who survived thanks to her during the French revolution.

Vimoutiers is a pretty village nice to stop by for a memorable stay.

Various packages are available to you including restaurants, hotels and leisure.

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Places to stay

What follows will help you find a place where to stay in Vimoutiers or the surroundings, accordingly to your needs.

Please choose your type of lodging:

* Hotel = hôtel
* Bed and Breakfast = chambres d’hôtes

Eating out – Restaurants

Vimoutiers and its surrounding offer a wide choice of restaurants.

* Restaurants in Vimoutiers
* Restaurants out of Vimoutiers

Sport and leisure Activities

* Theme Parks
* Horseback riding
* Hiking, walking
* Water sport

Regional and local Products

Local farm products and handmade goods are found for sale in many shops and farm vendors in the area.


Home made products

Artisans and antique dealer

Typical French market

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Vimoutiers Tourist Information

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